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A safe place for your children to grow, thrive and play! 

I am a Licensed in-home daycare and after school program located on the West side of Petaluma.
After a full and stimulating day at school, I offer a “home away from home” for your child to go l where he/she is free to engage in group activities or quiet independent play.
I have an excellent kid-friendly space that provides a safe, loving, healthy and fun environment for children to play, learn and grow. My daycare program is play based and emphasizes creativity, individuality, and problem solving.

·     I believe that a safe, loving and creative environment helps children grow and thrive.
·      I believe in the importance of giving children the chance to be creative, imaginative and most importantly experience being a kid.
·      I believe that every child has his/her own needs, style and rhythm. I work to honor, respect and protect each child’s uniqueness.
·      I help to build social skills, foster self-confidence, and support creativity.
·      I provide a comfortable, loving and safe place for kids to learn and grow.
·      I teach the children the importance of respecting others and respecting themselves.
·      I help the children learn about emotional awareness and healthy expression of emotions.
·      I believe that children can learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy and respectful way.
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